Dates for 2020

Dates for concerts next year: For summer concert: Cancelled due to coronavirus/ At the time of writing our 2020 Christmas concert will go ahead and it will be on Friday 12th December 2020

Semi Chorus (Consort)

We would like to develop a small semi chorus/consort from within the choir. Suggest 6 to 8 singers , one or two from each part, to offer a separate spot at concerts , (so the choir can have a rest!!) or to sing at local venues/concerts in promoting the choir. All yet to be discussed and finalised but if interested do have a word with Roger.

Committee Meetings

Our committee meeting on 6th April is now postponed until later in the year. New date to be organised.


Early March. At the end of a recent rehearsal Glyn talked of the possible effects of the coronavirus hitting our rehearsal schedule. And he’s right of course, we are all members of the U3A and as singers we are probably the most vulnerable choir locally. Consequently due to the social restrictions, all the rehearsals leading up to June/July 2020 have been cancelled likewise our concert in June. Watch this space for updates regarding our return.


"Only when I was singing did I feel loved" - Maria Callas "My essential purpose in singing is to help the listener understand reality" - Pete Seeger "For me, singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth" - Edith Piaf

Corona Quiz

Q A string quartet contains 2 violins - True or False Q What is the opening song in the musical "Caberet"? Q Born 7th September 1936 - Died 3rd February 1959 Who was this legendary singer/songwriter?